About us
our story

In 1999, our story starts when NingBo M&R Stationery I/E Co. Ltd. was established. We were a young and enthusiastic team, and quickly made friends in many foreign countries. 
We started supporting each other, and are still today very good friends and business partners. M&R Stationery is still active today, and is our trading company (for export of stationery products from China).

We offer a full range of services, including: 
• Representing customers in negotiations with Chinese factories. 
• Production Control 
• Quality Control and Inspection for every shipment. 
• Supporting customers with all Shipping and Forwarders needs. 

In 2002 we registered our own brand . After 10 years of hard work, name is now well recognized in many countries worldwide as a quality brand for Office, Home and School.

In 2005, after two years of planning, we finally opened our factory for Modeling Materials in Ningbo, Paulinda Industries (1999) Ltd.

Modeling Materials soon became both our world and our babies. We found that we really enjoy working with our materials. Even more importantly – kids of all ages, just like us, enjoy them so much. At first we only produced Super Dough, but immediately developed many new products. After 7 years of quick development, we can now offer a complete line of over 
600 products, made of 10 different Modeling Materials.

In 2011 we registered our company in Hong Kong, Modeling World Paulinda (HK) Ltd. in order to facilitate the expansion of our business development abroad.

Nowadays our team includes 112 staff. 67 are our production personnel, while 45 are in the office. Our Stationery Products and Modeling Materials can be found in over 60 countries today.

We now have two babies, One is the Trading Business, the other is our Modeling World. Many people ask us, which one is more important to us. We would like to say that both babies are our life. We want to raise both of them with care…

In our daily operations, we have two separate groups, one is responsible for the Trading Business, another is responsible for the Modeling World. Each group has its own people fordoing the complete job. These are two different companies under the same roof, and with the same owner.

We would like to thank our friends who have supported us for 12 years, and wish for many more years of cooperation, still to come.