【Share】Dear Friends, Meet the members of Paulinda Sales Team

Dear Friends,

Meet the members of Paulinda Sales Team

Thanks for supporting Paulinda Modeling Materials,
Together we have grown and developed a lot.
To let you understand better who we are.
And please help to send us also pictures of your team, so we can get to know each other a little better..

And please meet also the members of our Replica Watches uk Marketing, Design, and Modeling Team
Designers, Artistis, modellers, we are all here to support you and give you service.

Moyi Wang: Design Dept. manager
Gao: Designer
Zoey: Designer
Pan: Designer
Chen: Chief Modeling Artist
Sha: artist
Zhuo: Modeling artist
Qin: Modeling artist
Qing: Modeling artist
Zhong: Samples
Huang: Samples Replica Watches UK

Welcome to visit and meet us in person in Ningbo
The Paulinda Team